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● Ultrafine particle emulsion
Recently, many products of the other companies are sold domestic and overseas market.
We consider that the products of the other companies do not hold the quality technically stabilized
with unskilled products like following microphotography
The emulsion can perform maintenance of the emulsification stabilized for a long period of time
by forming the particle size distribution with the uniform water component dispersed by particulate size.
we are keeping up the high emulsification stability of the ultrafine particle emulsion with high-level development power and the highly efficient facility.
This is the most important special feature of the digital ink of our company.
Raw Material
● Raw material receiving inspection
The ink consists of the oil, the pigment, the activator, the water, etc.
We have set the quality standard as raw material, in order to produce the ink of high quality.
And we accept only the raw material which cleared this basis, and we are producing the stable ink.

【Emulsification power comparison by pre mixing】

<Just after the emulsification.Our activator>

<Just after the emulsification.The activator of the low quality>
●Our activator
Overall emulsification power is uniform.
The high level of emulsification power can be confirmed.
●The activator of the low quality
Emulsification power is unevenness.
The bottom of the beaker cannot be emulsified.

<A few hoursafter-emulsification>

<A few hours after-emulsification>
●Our activator
It is stable though the emulsification is falling compared with just after the emulsification.
●The activator of the low quality
Separation of the oil and the water can be confirmed completely.
Control of the water
As for the ink constituent, much water is included.
We studied that the water influenced quality greatly in the ink manufacture process.
Accordingly, we set the water temperature regulation facility, the soft water machine, etc.,
and realized stability of removal of the impurity of the water, and the molecular bond of the water.
Quality Control
The digital ink made from us is produced after understanding the characteristics of the duplicator.
we are doing completely research and development in matching with the duplicator.
And we are producing commercially the ink which matched the duplicator most by inspecting various ink from all points.
We are carrying out the equipment monitor test overseas and Japan.
The purpose of this test is to understand the quality situation of the ink in various climates and operating conditions from the everyday viewpoint.
We are pursuing the characteristics of the ink from the customer's viewpoint every day.

『 Inspection item 』
1.Viscosity check: Measuring by E type viscometer of ink viscosity … It is based on ISO basis specification product specifications.
2.Microscopic examination: Observation of an emulsification state … It is based on ISO basis specification product specifications.
3.Color development check: Visual inspection of the glow of ink appearance … It is based on the acceptance criteria of us.

『 Check frequency 』
At the time of acceptance   The acceptance standard check of raw material
Process   Checks base oil and the undiluted solution.
Just after the emulsification   The item check of the above 1-3 of all the lots
Before filling   The item check of the above 1-3 of all the lots
Article   The item check of the above 1-3 of all the lots After-check articles are kept as an article sample.
Before shipment   The item check of the above 1-3 of all the lots (article sample)
After shipment   The item check of the above 1-3 of all the lots (article sample)
Production facility
● Facility
We consider also to the facility and environment concurrently, quality is thought as important completely.
The raw material which finished the receiving inspection is kept in the raw material storage warehouse
which made temperature control for every kind.
We do inspection measuring of all the processes in regard of manufacture according to the ISO standard,
and we are keeping the record.
Moreover, we are keeping up the system which implements the periodical check to the production machine which influences quality, and prevents the trouble.
And we constitute and produce the latest facilities.
Originality and the environmental consideration
● Originality
The originality style of our article is produced by the perfect system
which acquired the patent.
Because we want to avoid the patent of the original manufacturer and to supply the customer with the safe article.

Chaina articles are sold to the world in the completely same form as the original manufacturer.
The original manufacturer acquires the patent in the United States etc.
Therefore,we think that our possibility that the indemnity problem of the operating right will occur is very high.

The factor which our article has sold all over the world for the 25 years does not conflict with the patent of the original manufacturer by proprietary.
● Safety
As for our article, the cancerating substance, the toxic material, and dangerous substance are not included.
We are using the mineral oil of the 200 degrees more than as the base also about the flash point.
Accordingly, I reduce danger, for example, explosion, and do not cause VOC.
The materials of the ink cartridge are PE and PP and do not cause the toxic gases, for example, the gaseous chlorine, at the time of incineration.
Also about the boxes, we are using the recycled paper and consider environment.
Master Roll Quality
Our master roll is produced commercially for the raw material selected carefully like digital ink.
They are enabling clear and sharp High PrintQuality printing platemaking which a customer can satisfy also under all environment.
And in order that they have good matching with a duplicator, they do not do a damage to the thermal head of a machine.

The print sample which uses the ink and the master roll of us The print sample which uses the ink and the master roll of another company

Those comparisons show the difference between the density of an image, and definition.